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While playing on my troll yesterday, I believe I experienced some interesting glitches thanks to the new Patch 5.3 update. Of course, one can’t expect a new patch without new little bugs - no complaints though, some of them can be kinda comical. Let’s point out the interesting things here.
Apparently I have died, when clearly my life is still full.
A quest I’ve already handed in, and chosen a reward from (one sadly not beneficial whatsoever to my toon). Though no, really, it’s still there. And I can’t abandon it.
[NOT ON SCREEN] while attempting to do a quest, I could not manage to mount up to travel. Some other guy was there too trying, and eventually we both got it.
Other than these few glitches, I found the Patch 5.3 experience quite interesting, and relatively awesome.
  • 22 May 2013
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